Volatility is the 
mechanism of
truth...in global markets & in life.

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Why volatility?

Volatility is the re-connection mechanism between our expectations of reality and

actual reality. When there's little difference between the two, there's low volatility. When there's great disparity between the two, then you can/will experience great chaos as the

re-connection mechanism brings the inaccurate expectation in line with a normalized reality. This applies to everyday life just as much as it does with the global markets.  


Right now, we're dealing with a period of heightened volatility. You feel this all around you. This is because the world, and the systems and structures that we had, won't work for us going forward. Our expectations of the outcomes and results from the systems and  structures that we were utilizing were disconnected from the reality of what those systems and structures could produce compared to what we truly need now or will need in the future. So life needs to create new systems and structures. This has happened many times throughout history and it's happening again now. This is a volatile process. 


Volatility can be uncomfortable for those unprepared for it.  Utilizing asymmetrical logic however, volatility is a gift, because it can move value from unprepared (weak) hands to prepared and agile (strong) hands.  Although tenuous, volatility is a very important and guaranteed part of the natural evolutionary process of markets, economics, and life – so don't fight it or try to suppress it. Since volatility is present, and will be here for a while based on my calculations herein, I believe we should embrace it in order to optimize the best possible outcomes.


A quantitative recipe . 

I use a baseline repetitive mathematical process to absorb and analyze the global market levels, money flows, and dealer moves and combine them with measurements of volatility in order to produce and share daily actionable and intelligent quantitative (and sometimes qualitative) analysis. This analysis is the focus of the VOLisWELL blog.


The strategic process I use was designed and built with my own coded applications. It's targeted to identify current market structures, assign probabilities, and determine the most optimal outcomes. 

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