Today's readings were not extreme and very much a mixed bag.


Takeaway: The final readings are showing some negative bias but I read them as neutral.


Takeaway: QQQ is off the chart strong again today and predominantly because of FAANGs again with the rest of the indices lagging and net decliners.


Takeaway: Not a follow through day to the downside as a buyer kept stepping in around 2750 SPX and the equivalent in NYSE. This should be back into the resistance zone tomorrow morning if the strength after hours holds.


Takeaway: Stopped at the first support level. Net selling volume and momentum turned over. Tomorrow is key.


Takeaway: This is the most interesting one as it implies that volatility is coming down. Can the index make headway towards neutral tomorrow?


Takeaway: I read this as neutral now even though momentum starting rolling this afternoon because there was no follow through in price (which we can see why in after hours).

INTERNALS Summary: Internals are positioned neutral is my read with a bias for some volatility coming off the board (potentially). This has been a wild week but sometimes OPEX can be that way.


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