4/12/20 Blog Site Launch - New Layouts & Formatting Details

Updated: Apr 12

Now that I have moved the daily analysis from twitter to this site, I am also making several other additions/improvements.

  • Me and the team have been updating the GEX charts and they will continue to be updated for the next two weeks with more features/functionality and measurements.

  • I have also updated the layouts for the charts (with an even more detailed update coming next two weeks as well).

  • Also, each blog/post will be for a set 'grouping'. Inside that grouping (Indexes for example) will be the charts/visuals and a just-the-facts metrics bullet point rundown for that period mentioned in the title. There will be a summary post for the period separate of the grouping that details my total perspective on the big picture after assessing all the individual components. This will be useful if you are not interested in (or don't have the time) to be going through every grouping post.

The site also has my process and some definitions in the (Ingredients) section. Here is an example of those Ingredients and some more details of how to interpret my process a (use the XLF charts as an example to reference):

1. MARKET STRUCTURE LEVELS - this is the level at which the market will flip or will act as the ceiling or floor for the prevailing trend. You will see some symbol's charts have that level represented in a strong RED bar. That is because the structure is BEARISH until that bar is taken out. Inversely, you will see other symbol's charts that have a GREEN bar. That is because their structure is BULLISH until that level is taken out.

2. FVGs - these are 'Fair Value Gaps' that are left behind in price discovery. These act as magnets for price to oscillate towards to fill. FVGs that are resistance are listed as such and FVGs that can potentially act as support are listed as such. The concept is that most gaps eventually get filled in the fluid market price discovery process. You are seeing more and more FVGs because of overnight futures market volatility. Keep that in mind.

3. SUPPORT/RESISTANCE - these levels are listed on each Symbol's chart. These represent levels that price will experience tumult from buyers and sellers. These levels do not represent a set function as the market can/will do what it wants but the sell side resistances are show in RED and the buy side supports are shown in GREEN.

4. VOLUME & VPOC - these will be released in couple weeks and you will see levels of volume via a histogram set horizontally that is calculating total volume at each level. This expands the Support/Resistance logic and enhances it because a level that had light volume is not as important as a level that has heavy volume.

5. GEX - Gamma Exposure is detailed and the chart is self explanatory now that it has been updated. You will find Dealer Impact, Dealer Bias, and the Volatility impact that the current GEX value will have on price listed automatically. These logic tables flow directly from the GEX value. Please keep in mind that we are measuring the GEX value here in my blog for all strikes/all duration ONLY. When you access our platform yourself later this summer, you can check GEX for any symbol and then look at it for any period (looking out 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 1 year, etc.). We measure all strikes/any duration for the purpose of this blog/site. The orange line is the current/closing price (which is also listed in the top right hand corner).

6. MOMENTUM - this is my proprietary momentum algorithm that is output as a numerical value that is then visualized in the form of a smoothed graphical line and what I call the smooth flash (this is the breaker level up or down of the actual numerical value...ie if it above the flash it is a up trend but below the flash it is down trend). Momentum readings in the >95.0 level denote exhausted buying levels and <5.0 denote exhausted selling levels. Preferably, the concept is to let these completely max out (100.00 on the top end and 0.00 on the bottom end) and then observe distribution (top end) or accumulation (bottom end)...as this reading can/does very regularly match up with accumulation and distribution levels. That is where entry/exit decisions are most optimal from either the buy or sell side.

7. INTERNALS - these measurements on the chart are a combination of buy/sell volume, money flows, and block trades. You cannot have a healthy move without the internals being strong. Healthy can refer to both sides of the trade. You want buy side internals to line up with a bullish move - otherwise it is an empty bull and is subject to reversal. Inversely, you want a sell side internal structure to line up with bearish moves - otherwise you can see a snap back short squeeze because the major buyers have already closed their trades out.

Hopefully all this is useful and can help you navigate the information level to maximize the current market structures that are in play for each security that you are reviewing.


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